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Association Of Indonesian Organization Development Professional


It is a place for leaders and aspiring leaders of organizations who have a strong desire to develop themselves, build business networks, and simultaneously contribute to the creation of value for organizations and business society


In a world where change takes place very quickly and is disruptive, organizations, especially business organizations, are required to be adaptive to make the changes needed to anticipate the impact of change on the survival of the organization.

Organizations that are able to survive are those that are able to adapt quickly to change. Therefore, preparing leaders and potential leaders to adapt to change is very important. Organizational leaders not only need to be flexible and have the ability to adapt to change, but also must be able to diagnose problems and implement change programs

Organization Development (OD) is a systematic, well-planned approach to change. This includes changes to the entire organization, or to parts of an organization. The purpose of OD is to increase the effectiveness of the system and to develop the potential of the individual members within it. This includes a number of planned behavioral science intervention activities. OD is carried out by involving organizational members to achieve organizational goals and individual goals by implementing continuous improvement efforts on an ongoing basis.

Given the important role of OD for business organizations in anticipating and overcoming changes in the business environment that are not only fast but also potentially disruptive, and driven by a noble desire together, foster, and develop the potential of OD professionals to improve competitiveness of business organizations at the national and global levels, the Association of Indonesian Organization Development Professionals (AIODP) was formed as a community organization by the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-0012843.AH.01.07., November 5, 2021.

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