#1: Continuing education

As an AIODP member, you will have the opportunity to participate in various forms of further education and training in the field of OD. You will also get the latest information on OD developments both at national and international levels.

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#2: Job prospects

AIODP facilitates job opportunities in the field of OD by providing access to various job opportunities in various companies by sharing information among AIODP members as well as from external AIODP.

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#3: Mentoring programs

By becoming a member of AIODP you have the opportunity to get guidance from other OD practitioners who are more senior and experienced. Likewise, if you are a senior practitioner in the field of OD, as an AIODP member you can also share experiences and become a mentor for other junior AIODP members.

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#4: Networking opportunities

As an AIODP member you can build a network both in a personal and professional capacity with other AIODP members and external AIODP through various events organized by AIODP.

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#5: Access to resources

AIODP will give you access to various facilities owned by AIODP that will keep you up to date with the latest information and activities on theory development and practical application of OD.

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#6: New perspective

As an AIODP member you will have the opportunity to exchange views and insights about the concept and application of OD with other AIODP members which will add and open new insights about OD and how OD is applied in different situations and perspectives.

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#7: Professional development

As an AIODP member you will have the opportunity to take part in and participate in various professional development programs through seminars/webinars, education and training, workshops, and other educational activities organized by AIODP. You can also gain access to a variety of self-development materials that AIODP makes available to members.

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#8: Getting your name (and your firm’s) out there

Becoming a member of AIODP will increase the visibility of you and your company in the community of fellow OD practitioners and business in general. Increased personal and company visibility is important for both your company's personal branding and corporate branding.

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#9: Advanced OD Certification

As an AIODP member you get the CPOD professional certificate and the opportunity to pursue advanced OD certification.

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#10: Time to recharge

Becoming an AIODP member gives you the opportunity to meet and build relationships with other AIODP members who come from various fields of work but share the same interest and passion in the field of OD. This in turn can give you new enthusiasm and passion in carrying out professional tasks in your company.

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